Cloud Gaming Study
Dataset Overview


Several datasets are hosted on this website. They all have been used in scientific publications.

Firstable, there are network captures (PCAP files), made under normal and disturbed network conditions. Then, we find CG captures (PCAP files) made via an emulated cellular network. The cellular traces used to generate these captures are also available. Finally, we find representative QoS and QoE data for CG.

Normal conditions:

As for the normal network conditions, we find network captures of CG traffic, as well as other application types, running under UDP.
  • Online Gaming
  • Remote Desktop
  • Visio Conference
  • Video Streaming
  • Live Video
  • Facebook navigation

Disturbed conditions:

Here, we only have captures of CG traffic. We differentiate between two scenarios;
  • "Permanent": constraints start before the game session
  • "Temporary": 2' normal conditions ; 2' disturbed conditions ; 2' normal conditions.
The disturbances include latency, jitter, loss and available bandwidth. Their values are listed in the file names.

Cellular conditions:

Here, we also only have captures of CG traffic. There are 2 types of captures:
  • "In": means the captures are done before the MahiMahi Linkshell queue
  • "Out": means the captures are done after the MahiMahi Linkshell queue
You can find more information about the cellular traces used for these captures here

QoS and QoE:

Here, we capture data related to QoS/QoE. These captures were made via WebRTC, under 6 different emulated 4G network conditions. There are 10 .csv files of 14 QoS/QoE features collected while playing “Dirt5”, a racing game on the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform.



This dataset is part of a project that has received funding from the French organization ANR. No ANR-19-CE25-0012.


For more information, you can contact the authors of this work:

Thibault Cholez

Philippe Graff

Xavier Marchal

Bertrand Mathieu

Joel Ky