Cloud Gaming Study
Dataset Overview


The dataset hosted on this website is made of pcap traces. These captures were made under diferent network conditions.

  • "Without settings": network captures under normal conditions.
  • "With settings": network captures under disturbed conditions.
This dataset was used in the preparation of this publication : An Analysis of Cloud Gaming Platforms Behavior under Different Network Constraints .

Normal conditions:

As for the normal network conditions, we find network captures of CG traffic, as well as other application types, running under UDP.
  • Online Gaming
  • Remote Desktop
  • Visio Conference
  • Video Streaming
  • Live Video
  • Facebook navigation

Disturbed conditions:

Here, we only have captures of CG traffic. We differentiate between two scenarios;
  • "Permanent": constraints start before the game session
  • "Temporary": 2' normal conditions ; 2' disturbed conditions ; 2' normal conditions.
The disturbances include latency, jitter, loss and available bandwidth. Their values are listed in the file names.

Cellular conditions:

Here, we also only have captures of CG traffic. There are 2 types of captures:
  • "In": means the captures are done before the MahiMahi Linkshell queue
  • "Out": means the captures are done after the MahiMahi Linkshell queue
You can find more information about the cellular traces used for these captures here


This dataset is part of a project that has received funding from the French organization ANR. No ANR-19-CE25-0012.


For more information, you can contact the author of this work:

Thibault Cholez

Philippe Graff

Xavier Marchal

Bertrand Mathieu

Joel Ky